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About the Photos

The foundation of the photographs used to create each Aircraft History are primarily slide scans, many coming from the collection of Michael J. Ody. Slides that had original photographer credits on the slide or accompanying notes are credited here in the same manner. Although Mike's notes were excellent, some slides that have been used here had no original photographer credit available. These too are marked accordingly. If you find a photograph of your own that is not credited correctly, please be in contact. I will be happy to fix it immediately, or remove the photo if that is your preference.

I'd like to acknowledge the work of MLB Photography, Anthony J. "Tony" Hickey, Dave Dunsmore, and Sheldon Benner for their contributions to Mike's slide collection, and to Kenneth I. Swartz/Aeromedia Communications for his own contributions to this project. All of these photographers deserve a special thanks for helping to fill out the material when the Dash-7 series was still in production.

Other than the original slide scans, subsequent photo material is generally digital, and from a variety of sources around the world. A large number of photos have simply been moved over from the previous blogs Dash7Spotter, Turboprop Spotter and Regional Wings. They have been used with permission of the original photographer. 

Contributions of good quality DHC-7 photos are gladly accepted. Discreet watermarking is acceptable for contributed material.


Photographer's Credits


Mike Macgowan

Ray McFadyen

Dinesh Maharajah


Eduard Marmet

Tim Martin

Nikoli Mathews

Nick Mills

MLB Photography

Ray Moneta

V. Murphy

Malcolm Nason

Paul Nelhams

Val Omajnikov

John Oram

Ryan OrshInsky

David Osborn/Aeroprints

Stefano Pagiola

A.J. Payne

Jonathan Payne

Bryant Petit


Mark Piacentini

Len Preskow

M. Radzi Desa

James Ralph

Jean-Philippe Richard

P. Sanders

Micha Sender

Robbie Shaw

Bill Sheridan

Andrew Sieber

Richard Silagi

Alan Sim

Tom Singfield

Jerry Stanick

Charles R. Stewart

John Stewart

Dave Subelack

Kenneth I. Swartz

Henry Tenby

TMK Photography

TMX Mike

R. Tracz

Richard Vandervoord

Andy Vass Aviation

Gary Vincent

Christian Volpati

Aiso Voss

Michael Ward

Gary Watt

John Wegg

Erez Werber

John Wheatley


Jarrod Wilkening

Reinhard Zinabold

Zane Adams

Neil Aird

Keith Armes


Frank Bailey

Brian Baker

Fred Barnes

Sheldon D. Benner

Peter Bish

D. Bourgaud

Russell Brown

Chris Buckley

P. Butler


A. Cardedeiro

Gerald Cashen

Caz Caswell

Andrew Cline

Alan Cortash

Nik Deblauwe

Dave Dunsmore

George Farinas

Kevin Fortney

Peter Frei

Bob Garrard

D. Goodwin

Andy Graham

Lewis Grant

Christan Hanuise

B. Harris

Martin Harrison

Mike Head

Markus Herzig

Anton Heumann

Anthony J. Hickey

Lance Higgerson

Seymour Hills

Frank Hines

Bill Hough

Paul Howard

Rich Hulina

Ruben Husberg



M. Jones

Jeff Johnson

Neil Johnson

Karl Karlsson

Dimitry Karpezo

Peter Keating

Wally Kenyon

John Kimberley

Alan Lebeda

R. Lee

Joe Lezark